Last Person Standing

Jan 23, 2013

Based on Premier League Fixtures commencing Tuesday 29th January 2013. Each week you select one team which you think is going to win. If your team wins, you are through to the next round. If your team fails to win (i.e. loses or draws) you are eliminated.

You must select a different team each round for the duration of the competition, i.e. you cannot select the same team twice.

You must register the team of your choice for rounds 1 and 2 of the competition by 7.30pm on Monday 28th January. Register your selections with your promoter or by contacting the co-ordinators (contact details below). 

If you fail to submit your selection by the deadline, or if you pick the same team twice, or if your team’s game is called off, you will be automatically allocated the highest placed team in the league that you have not selected before.

In the event of a significant number of fixtures being postponed in a given round, the Last Person Standing Committee reserves the right to postpone selections for that round. Previously submitted selections for a postponed round of fixtures will be null and void and you will be free to select that team again in subsequent rounds. All persons still in the competition at that stage will progress to the next round.

The Last Person(s) standing will win/share the prize fund of £350. Fee is a one off payment of £10 per entry. 

The decision of the Last Person Standing Committee is final in all instances.

Co-ordinators: (078 4192 7437) (078 3480 5588)


Round 1 Fixtures – Tuesday 29th  January (7.45pm unless stated)

Aston Villa v Newcastle
Norwich v Tottenham
QPR v Man City
Stoke v Wigan
Sunderland v Swansea
Reading v Chelsea (8.00pm)
Arsenal v Liverpool (Wed 30th 7.45pm)
Fulham v West Ham (Wed 30th 7.45pm)
Everton v West Brom (Wed 30th 7.45pm)
Man Utd v Southampton (Wed 30th 8.00pm)

Round 2 Fixtures – Saturday 2nd February 3.00pm (3pm unless stated)

QPR v Norwich (12.45pm)
West Ham v Swansea
Arsenal v Stoke
Wigan v Southampton
Everton v Aston Villa
Fulham v Man Utd
Newcastle v Chelsea
Reading v Sunderland
West Brom v Tottenham (Sun 3rd 1.30pm)
Man City v Liverpool (Sun 3rd 4.00pm)



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