Edendork, Co. Tyrone, Ireland

Edendork Again by Frank O'Neill

I have travelled far neath the western star
By the blue Pacific tide,
And I've seen the wonders of the east that natives hold in pride,
But in my dreams a spot I see and thoughts I still retain,
Of my Irish home across the foam,
I'm in Edendork again.
From Mullaghadun to Derryvale, from Creenagh to Rossmore,
There was friendship reigning over all, a welcome at each door,
And the craic was good by fireside, the memories remain,
I close my eyes and I am back in Edendork again.
By Derrywinnen's flowery dales, along by Gortin's Braes,
And by Mullaghmargaret's grassy dales, I had many happy days,
Around by Farlough's beateous lake and Lisdhu's fine domain
My heart is there with you tonight in Edendork again.
There was joy and sweet contentment, there was music in the air,
By Cullion, Curran, Lurgaboy and Derraghadoan so fair,
And Atkinsallagh's homely face smiled down on Glebe's sweet plain,
Oh, dear me to the jollity in Edendork again.
I remember well the Engine Bridge and field by Liberty Hall,
That would oft resound to the glorious sound,
Of hurley stick and ball,
Neath Killybrackey's hearthy slopes, we played the game like men
In fancy flight I oft return to Edendork again.
And I mind the little chapel standing sentinel on the hill
The friendly banter after Mass I keep and cherish still,
And I mind each bush and singing bird,
Each path and hawthorned lane,
One day soon I'll set my sail, for Edendork again.
For Edendork again, my boys, for Edendork again,
One day soon I'll set my sail, for Edendork again.